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Watch Dogs: Unlock the Biometric Assault Rifle: HOWTO

Aiden has a new toy, but you might not see it on the map. If you bought Watch Dogs in certain ways you get the Signature Shot Watch Dogs mission and the video below walks you through and explains why you even want this weapon – plus it shows you on the map where the mission is located!

Watch Dogs: unlock the Biometric Assault Rifle


Watch Dogs Video

I found a cool video from the recently released Watch Dogs video game. It takes place in “The Loop,” the second area of Chicago you unlock when playing the Campaign missions. The video below is a Fixer Contract Aiden accepts to do a Decoy mission where he keeps the police busy for his “employer” whom he has accepted the contract from.

Watch_Dogs Fixer Contract in The Loop

SimCity Coming March 2013

The newest installment of SimCity is set to hit the streets on March 5, 2013 according to the Official SimCity website. SimCity will be available for PC and MAC as of the date of this post. Whether or not SimCity will see ports to other platforms, as other Sim titles have, remains to be seen.

SimCity, the classic game that started it all has been followed by several titles and grew into a family of “Sim” games like SimCity 200, SimCity 3000, SimCity Societies, SimCity Creator and SimCity 4. And there are still other “Sim” games as well.

The game is available as a Pre Order. For more information visit the official SimCity website or the Electronic Arts website.

Black Ops 2 DLC & Server Outage

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2If you’ve heard about the new Black Ops 2 DLC Nuketown Zombies (and who hasn’t?) and you are a Playstation or PC gamer you’ve probably been waiting since December when the DLC dropped for Xbox gamers. Well, a post by Activision Support will put a rush on PS3 owners …. hurry, hurry, read what Activision Support posted about PSN’s server maintenance today:

Ask PlayStation ‏@AskPlayStation
PlayStation Network maintenance begins at 8AM PST: Sign in now so you can still play online during maintenance

So hurry up PS3 BOII gamers and get downloaded and installed!

Mechwarrior Online Patch 1.2.177

Mechwarrior Online developer Piranha Games Inc (PGI) rolled out its latest update to gamers yesterday, January 15, 2013. This latest patch added a new mech, the Spider, along with new modules, a new skin, a performance improvement on the River City map, changes to their Patcher and bug fixes.

The new mech, the Spider, is a light mech at 30 tons noted for being a capable jumper with the highest and longest distanced jumps currently in the game. Heavy and Assault pilots were heard to issue a collective, worldwide sigh followed by, “Great, another light mech.” On the other hand, Light mech pilots held a party where cups shaped after the Spider were used to toast the new mech.

In related news, an as yet unidentified mech pilot that was taunting several Heavy/Assault mechs with his shiny, new Spider was killed when his he flew unexpectedly into the side of a building where three Atlas Assault mechs blasted the suddenly stationary Light mech. Only charred wreckage of the barely recognizable Spider remains, as well as charred partial remains of his Codex. Officials are not sure whether or not there is enough of the pilot left to determine identity with complete certainty.

I Don’t Really Want Just the Whole Chainsaw Gun to be My Legacy

Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games in October 2012Cliff Bleszinski, Epic Games’ (former) design director, left the Gears of War studio after 20 years on the job. The parting seems to be a friendly one as evidenced by Epic Game’s post on their website which included kind words from Epic’s president and an excerpt from a personal note from Cliff to his colleagues there.

Hotel called my room. A package for me? Inside? A fully charged phone with one # programmed and the Ubisoft logo on the backdrop. Now what?

Cliff Tweeted 11/14/2012

Cliff seems to have his sights set on a new intellectual property mysteriously referred to as Silverstreak. Opening a studio of his own seems to be the plan for the future, but Bleszinski has said its time for a much needed break. For now, he seems to be “breaking”.

Its not exactly clear whether his break is over or not, but you can see Cliff at PAX East 2013 where he will be delivering the keynote “storyline” address. As of this post, three day passes and Saturday registrations are sold out.

Its also worth keeping in mind that until Cliff’s new studio actually forms, there may be partnerships or other employment in the poffing. bleszinski is reported to have visited Activision, Double Fine, Electronic Arts, Zynga and Ubisoft has expressed interest in him as well. One this is sure about what the future holds for the former Epic design director … it looks bright.


Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online (MWO) is your destination for large, robotic battles & destruction. The MWO website is your destination to sign up to play MWO, get trained by watching videos, read documentation and interact with the MWO community.

MWO plans to evolve their free-to-play offering which means, among other things, more mechs (giant machines of destruction) being added to the line up.